What is a Medical Pedicure?

A Medical Pedicure is nail care provided by a highly trained and experienced podiatric physician.

This service is ideal for anyone who might be at risk of serious injury from a standard pedicure at a nail salon or from a family member or caregiver. Podiatrist have extensive training which enables them to safely and effectively trim deformed, painful, thick toenails for those with diabetes, neuropathy, alzheimers,dementia,rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis, poor circulation and immune system compromise(HIV/AIDS). We also only use sterile instruments.


Anyone with diabetes should only have their toenails trimmed by a podiatric physician. Major cuts from cutting toenails too close results in frequent amputations in diabetics. If you have diabetes, or have a loved one with diabetes, you should only see a podiatrist and should NEVER have a pedicure in a nail salon. Considering that an amputation related to diabetes will cost an average of around $60,000, a salon pedicure gone bad is whole lot more expensive then the occasional podiatric physician house call.

Who Can Benefit from a Medical Pedicure?

Seasoned Citizens- As we advance in years, problems with flexibility, manual dexterity, impaired vision, and poor circulation can make it difficult to trim one’s own toenails. Even the spouse can find it difficult or disturbing trying to trim thick or ingrowing toenails. We can do this for you.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis can make life difficult. With morning, afternoon and evening stiffness, it can be hard if not impossible just to get going. The stiffness and distortion of the hands that is the hallmark of rheumatoid arthritis can make it nearly impossible to cut the toenails. Additionally, the medications that many arthritis sufferers take can increase your risk of an infection if you cut yourself when trimming your toenails. Great news! Now you don’t have to. Our podiatric physician can come to your home, trim your toenails and even trim and painful corns or calluses that make it hard to walk. Just because you have rheumatoid arthritis, doesn’t mean you have to live with foot pain.


AIDS puts you at extreme risk for getting an infection. With HIV, the plan is to decrease your chances of getting an infection. The toenails and nail grooves are simply filled with bacteria. Small cuts or injury form cutting toenails may seem like a small problem. But when you have HIV, this can turn into a big deal. Our podiatric physician worked in a Baltimore rehab facility where several of her patients had HIV/AIDS.

HOW much does it Cost if I just need a Podiatrist to come to my home to trim my toenails?

Call for pricing.* We offer discount packages to those who need regular appointments to trim thick, ingrown, and difficult to cut toenails in PG, Montgomery, Howard and Ann Arundal Counties. We come to you and provide a very cost effective, convenient alternative to driving around town or sitting around a foot doctors’ office waiting room. If you are otherwise healthy, we can see you also.

Will my insurance cover a Medical Pedicure?

The key word in the above question is “my”. Every insurance policy is different. The services included in a medical pedicure are sometimes reimbursed by insurance carriers. The percentage of coverage varies widely and is determined by the limitations of your insurance, no by the doctor. Whether or not the services are covered by your insurance depends on the insurance company you choose and the limitations of the insurance policy you purchased.

Will Medicare pay for a Medical Pedicure?

No! We practice ‘Insurance-Free Medicine”. That means that our physician has elected to opt-out of Medicare. We do not accept assignment of payment from Medicare. Medicare also forbids the beneficiary from being reimbursed for payment they made to the doctor. Practicing Insurance-Free Medicine allow the patient and physician to consider all treatment alternatives in an effort to deliver the very best healthcare.

What is the difference between a nail tech at the salon and the Podiatric Physician who makes house calls?

About 8 years. It takes as little as 400 hours or 10 weeks to become a certified nail technician who works in a nail salon. Our Podiatric Physician spent 8 years in College and medical school. Once you choose us for your medical pedicure, you can rest assured that you have the very highest level of professional competency caring for you.

How can I have a Medical Pedicure in my home?

Just call, text or email to request one. We offer house calls any time between Sunday and Friday-many times the same day.

Call-Text-or email to schedule your house call today! 301-323-5652

Dr. la Vergne Andre is a podiatrist in Howard, Montgomery, Prince Georges and Ann Arundal counties who offers medical pedicures at home as a convenience for those who need to see a podiatrist but have a tough time getting to the podiatry office.

*Single visit rate is based upon monthly nail care at home package pre-paid annually. Discount packages are only available to established patients.

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