Podiatric practices love lasers for their versatility. The therapy handpiece is utilized to treat any type of pain, inflammation, arthritis, infections or wounds. Meanwhile, the surgical ablation handpiece handles warts and ugly, unsightly nails. Additionally, the 7mm handpiece is designed for ugly, unsightly nails.


Pain, Inflammation, and Arthritis

 • Anti-Inflammation
 • Anti-Pain (Analgesic)
 • Accelerated Tissue Repair & Cell Growth Promoting faster healing
 • Faster Wound Healing
 • Immediate Increased Range of Motion
 • Immunoregulation
 • Improved Nerve Function
 • Improved Vascular Activity
 • Increased Metabolic Activity
 • Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation (Scars)
 • Trigger & Acupuncture Point Stimulation

Wounds and Infections

Wounds and infections do not always respond well to conventional treatments. Diabetic / neuropathic patients have unique problems we gladly address. We have before /after pictures showing dramatic results coupled with clear, concise protocols. We can now destroy the bacteria inhibiting / preventing proper healing whilst enlisting a cascade of healing mechanisms the body naturally employs. Lasers are a catalyst to promote ATP production in the mitochondria and oxygenation of the cells enabling and promoting rapid cell regeneration.

Mosaic and Discrete Warts

Warts may be excised (works like a CO2 laser) or treated in several sessions working through the layers (works like a Flashlamp pulse dye laser).

Toenail Fungus / Ugly Nail Syndrome

Toenail infections are often treated with Lamisil. Patients often don’t want to or cannot take oral medication or it simply didn’t work. A simple 12-minute pain-free, pleasant treatment addresses the syndrome for 10 toes. 

FAQ: Treating Ugly, Unsightly Nails

Does It Really Work?
YES. Lasers for ugly, unsightly toenail infections have a multiple year track record that is very impressive. Patients are pleased, happy and no longer embarrassed by their ugly, unsightly toenail infections. Patients have stated they are now wearing open toe shoes and sandals, which they have not worn for many years because of their ugly, unsightly toes. Ask to see our post-laser photos.

Will The Treatment Hurt The Patient?
NO. The patient should have no pain or discomfort during the treatment. However, some people feel a slight warming sensation. The laser has the ability to adjust to all clinical situations.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?
The treatment is less than 15 minutes.

When Can I Expect To See Improvement?
On average, a toenail will replace itself every 9-12 months. Healthy new growth will be visible after 2-4 months as the nails continue to grow following the laser treatment.

Will I Immediately Return To Normal Activities?
YES! The you may return to their normal daily routine immediately after their toenail treatment.

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